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Daily Boat Charter

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Daily Boat Charter

As E Rental Boat, we also provide daily boat rental service. To list the most preferred boat rental options during the summer months;

Swimming Tours

wedding organizations

henna organizations

bachelorette parties

moonlight tours

Bosphorus tours

business lunches

We can list them as engagement organizations.

Swimming Tours

Our daily boat rental services and swimming tours are organized for groups of ten or more as rental boats. If you wish, you can make a swimming tour with fewer people by using our daily yacht charter service. You can contact us to enjoy the sea and swimming alone with your loved ones and your family. The easiest organization to get away from the noise of the city and the stress of work can be shown as going on a swimming tour with a daily boat rental.

Wedding Organizations

Wedding organizations on the boat have been among the most preferred types of weddings for a while. The way to reach the wedding of your dreams is through the wedding packages of the e rental boat. We are preparing the most comprehensive boats and yachts for you from our boats, which will be selected according to the number of people you want, according to you and the number of guests. You can make your wedding organizations unforgettable by choosing the plan that suits you from our daily boat rental services that continue to serve all four seasons. You can choose the menu according to your desire for your weddings that will be held with or without dinner. For those who prefer alcohol, we also have alcoholic fixed menu packages, and you can prepare your menu specially for yourself, as a main course, a starter, a hot fruit dessert, for our fixed menus.

Henna Organizations

Today, concept henna nights has become more and more common. One of the newest trend henna nights, especially followed on social media, is boat rental organizations for the day.

Bachelorette Parties

If you are renting a boat for the day, you should definitely organize your bachelorette party on a boat. You should contact E Rental Boat for a bachelorette party where you will have fun with live music and dj set music options.

moonlight tours

For those who want to see the beauty of the Bosphorus at night, one-on-one moonlight tours are preferred. If you wish, you can give your loved one an unforgettable memory with a romantic dinner with your loved one, 3-hour moonlight tours by candlelight in a special ambiance.

Bosphorus Tours

Especially the Bosphorus tours with breakfast are the most efficient way to spend the weekend. You can spend pleasant times with your family and loved ones, accompanied by a 4-hour Bosphorus cruise and open buffet breakfast.

Business Lunches

Of course, daily boat tours have become indispensable for corporate companies. Yachts and boats are the most preferred places especially for motivational meals.

Briefly We

E Rental Boat offers you boat rental service with its professional and experienced team. Contact us for more information and to make a reservation.

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