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We have boats that are suitable for every organization according to the number of groups for everyone who wants to rent a boat as bebek boat rental. As E Rental Boats, our boats are designed to be used in all seasons. Our boat rental service has a minimum limit of 1 people. E As a charter boat, we can host up to 600 guests, depending on the size of our boats and your organizational demands. According to the organization to be held and the season in which the organization will be held, the suitability of the weather conditions is evaluated and the most suitable boat is recommended to our customer. As bebek yacht charter, our tour programs are determined as 4 hours. The organization to be held within these 4 hours is determined jointly with our customer. There are time differences between summer and winter seasons.

Our boats have determined routes between the three Bosphorus bridges during the rental period and welcome their guests with this unique view of the Bosphorus. Considering our little guests, we have taken the highest level of security measures on all our boats. DJ music broadcasts throughout the organizations. If you wish, live music teams can be included in our tours. According to the organization you will make, we have menus such as breakfast, brunch, lunch, according to the time of the day. Our boats have indoor and outdoor areas, and both indoor and outdoor areas can be used at the same time.

As E Rental Boats, our boats have a minimum of 3 floors and we continue to host our guests and organize the determined organization in the closed section of our boats when the weather conditions are not suitable for organization in the open section.

Our boats take passengers from many places. Our passengers have to be ready at the pier they will board about 30 minutes before.

At the first entrance to our boats, our guests are taken to our open area and welcomed with cocktails and treats by bebek boat rental, and cold and hot drinks are served according to the season. Our catering services are held in the closed sections of our boats, which are the mezzanine floors, for dinner organizations. You do not have food service in open areas. Music is broadcast equally on each floor of our boats.

All our boats have 24-hour security camera recording. Our boats have maximum safety measures for all age groups, young and old.


Since there is more demand for boat rentals in the summer season, it is recommended to make our reservations one month in advance in order not to embarrass our guests. A deposit is applied when making a reservation. The deposit amount covers one third of the total fee agreed for the organization. The rest of the payment is taken in cash at the end of the excursion. Contact us now for bebek yacht charter.

Briefly We

E Rental Boat offers you boat rental service with its professional and experienced team. Contact us for more information and to make a reservation.

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